Justin’s Grad 2013

Back in May I did another Grad session! Justin and his family have been close with our family for a long time, so this was an exciting shoot for me to do. It was a sunny day but super windy, which had me a little worried about taking photos outside. When I first got there I took Justin out around the farm and we got a lot of good photos and I must say he was a great subject to photograph, I didn’t even need to tell him what to do!

After I finished Justin’s individual photos I went in the house and got the rest of the family because I had decided that even though it was windy I think the photos would be so much better outside, and they were! I have to say this is one of the most exciting photo shoots I have done. Everyone was comfortable and always laughing and having a good time which makes my job a lot easier. 😊

Thank you Halldorson family for such an awesome and fun time, this was one of my favourite photo shoots and it is all thanks to you guys! Congratulations Justin on your graduation and good luck in your future endeavours. I hope to photograph all of you again soon! 😊

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