Tyler/Amanda Engagement Session

Back in October I did a session with two very special people both of whom I’ve known my entire life. Tyler is my cousin and I went to school with Amanda.

Amanda and I became instant friends, we shared the same bus and we only lived a couple miles away from each other! If we wanted to get together and talk, sometimes we would get on our bikes and meet half way down the grid road. We have done some crazy things together but there is never a dull moment when we are together! As for Tyler, we were also close growing up and would hang out at the lake a lot and go to parties together.

So when these two got together I was so excited, two very special people to me finding love! Then when they got engaged I was even more excited because Amanda was finally going to be a part of our family, (officially) 🙂 and there was going to be another family wedding! So when Amanda asked me to take their photos I was truly touched to be a part of this very important time in their lives.

Thank you Tyler and Amanda for letting me take your engagement photos, you two mean the world to me! I wish you both nothing but happiness and I can’t wait to be a part of your special day in August!!!

Congratulations! Love you both!!! 🙂

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