Kyle/Thora Engagement Session

Back in March I did a session with Thora and Kyle. I have known Thora since I was about 16. We cancelled this session a couple of times due to weather and then the day we did pick was still pretty cold but at least the sun was out!

These two were really fun to work with, we took some photos downtown by the river and then we ended up going to Buena Vista Park. When we got there, all the ideas just seemed to come pouring out, and we got some really amazing photos.

Thora and Kyle are both younger than me but you wouldn’t even know it by how much they love each other. You can tell when they look at each other that they were just meant to be together. 🙂 They are always laughing and joking around and you can tell that Kyle would do anything for her. It is very cute to see!

I wish you two every amount of happiness and a beautiful life together! I am honored that you asked me to take your engagement photos, this is an important part of your lives and I am glad I got to be a part of it! I am excited to see you both get married in October! 🙂


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