Corey & Kimmi Wedding

Wedding Day!

Back in September… I know, I know, it’s been a while since I have posted anything. I got to photograph my first all day wedding! It was nerve-racking but also exciting at the same time.

The day started off at Kimmi and Corey’s house where the bride and her girls were getting hair and makeup done. We then went off to where the ceremony was going to be held and it was just a simple and beautiful set up. After taking photos with family at the Golf Course I took Kimmi and Corey with me and went to take a whole bunch of photos of just the two of them! I am so happy with the photos I captured of them. They were so great to photograph, just easy-going and very relaxed. After all the formal stuff was over we went to a putt ‘n’ bounce and the bride, groom and all their family and friends played a round a golf. It was something I have never seen before but it was a cute idea! :).

Thank you Corey and Kimmi for allowing me to be a part of your special day it was truly an honor. You both looked amazing and I could see just how in love the two of you are! Congratulations on your marriage and Congratulations on the new addition that is going to be making his or her arrival in Feb! Both of you are going to make amazing parents! That is one lucky kid!! 🙂




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