Justin’s Grad

One grad down and one more to go.  Again this is another relative of mine and I am happy that I was asked to do his graduation photos.

I got to Justin’s at about 2:00pm and he was all dressed up and ready to go.  He had a super busy day ahead of him with 2 other photo sessions to do.  He was very easy to photograph so our photos went by pretty fast.  Once I was done taking photos of him, he called his girlfriend Jordan to come and meet us to take a few photos of the two of them.  She looked so beautiful and they are so cute together! 🙂 Once we were done we went back to the house and did the family photos there because it was so windy out and the yard had some shelter.  Justin’s family is super nice and super relaxed and fun.

Thank you Michelle for asking me to take Justin’s photos, I thought they turned our amazing!  Congratulations Justin on your graduation, you have a bright future ahead of you and you are going to do amazing things!  Congratulations to Jordan as well on your graduation!  I hope to take more photos of you guys! 🙂

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