Stephanson Family

This is one of my most favorite photo sessions that I have ever done! All of these people are my friends and I was honored when Lana asked me to do their family photos.

I knew these photos were going to turn out amazing, just look at everyone!  🙂 My heart melted when I saw all the little ones running around because lets face it, they are all adorable!!  It was a pretty hot day and the mosquitos were crazy!!  Everyone was enjoying being together that none of that even mattered.  You could tell how happy Gord and Lana were to have all their children home and to have so many grandchildren running around.  I love seeing families like this all together and so close to one another.  I felt so comfortable and homey.  I am not sure if that’s a word but I am using it anyway! 🙂

Thank you Gord and Lana for letting me take photos of your beautiful family.  You guys mean a lot to Nathan and I, and we are happy to be able to call all of you our friends!  I hope that we can do this again sometime because we know there are going to be some more little ones running around.  I hope you guys love these photos as much as I do and Thank You again for allowing me to be apart of it! 🙂


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